Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Singapore Escape Day 2 - Shopping and Charlie Brown cafe!

We are so hungry and looking for nice place to have breakfast. And so when we pass by this Charlie Brown Cafe located between the 313 Shopping Mall and Orchard Central, we saw the sign 5 SD$ for beef lasagna and ice lemon tea. Voila! here we are sitting and enjoying our breakfast with the family of snoppy, charie brown, shally brown and the rest. Super love this small simple yet very cute un cafe! :)

For those who wants to know about snoopy and the gang, you can check peanuts history.

Our favorite spot to start the day

thank you for not smoking, this spot is behind the sommerset MRT station, it is a skate park. Anyway I'm wearing nikicio's shirt, H & M shorts, my vintage Christian Dior shades and headband from Giffa (my best super fave local store in Indonesia), well the shoes I bought it from a store in australia but I forgot the brand but I remember it's about AUS $ 8. what a good bargain huh? :D

I super love that they even put the peanuts gang on the ceiling, I think it's marveolus.

the view from our table

Sally Brown and my lasagna and ice lemon tea all for a package of SD $ 5 hihi

Last night I didn't sleep with my mom, so in the morning I make Ariana (my super best friend since high school) as my makeover victim. haha. I clip those fake fringe and put some smokey eyes for day and she just bought this superb red lipstick from mac. I think she looks really cute. I love make up. :D

It's me and my sally and my breakfast, striking a pose before all the lasagna went into my stomach.

Every table has their own character.

me and snoopy! this is also a favorite spot for anyone who passes through this cafe, I saw people from children to adults taking pictures with the gorgeous cute snoopy and charlie at the entrance of this cafe. This happens even when they're not eating at the cafe LOL.

I think the peanuts gang is trying to pose like the beatles abbey road famous pose, so I'll join them for a nice memory in this super cute cafe.

this is where you order the ice cream.

U can buy collectible stuff of charlie brown, snoopy and the rest of the gang right here in this cafe :)

Meet up with lovely super besties Ramda Yanurzha, he is my favorite photographer and my super lovely Tania Batubara that is doing some intership in an architecture firm so Ion Orchard is the place to meet up. :D

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